Empower - A Confidence building holiday Workshop for girls aged 7-10

A fun three hour journey for girls 7-10, helping to build self esteem and empowerment at a critical time in a young girls development. In this workshop your child will gain access to powerful tools to help build a healthy body image and an inner confidence, helping them to shine their light bright.


Yoga, Mindfulness meditation, Dance, Mandala making, Journalling, FUN!

Inspire - A  Confidence building holiday Workshop for Girls aged 11-14

A holistic and fun three hour workshop designed for 11-14 year old girls, where we help your daughter begin to navigate her way through the initial stages of puberty with confidence, learning to honour and appreciate her body, heart and mind. We engage the powerful tools of Yoga, Dance, Drama and Journalling to help inspire a sense of empowerment and sisterhood in this pivotal stage of her life. The workshop includes a nourishing afternoon tea and a group wellbeing coaching session.


Yoga, Mindfulness meditation, Dance, Group Wellbeing Coaching Session, Journalling, Fun!

Restore - An afternoon of retreat and restoration for modern women

Modern women of the Urban Jungle! Are you feeling stretched and stressed? Overwhelmed? Or are you just plain tired? Maybe you simply feel the need to tune out of the busyness of modern life and tune back into yourself for a few hours? If any of this resonates for you, we offer you an invitation to join us for a soul nourishing afternoon of Restorative Yoga, Self Enquiry and Connection to yourself and a tribe of like minded women. Held in the beautiful sanctuary of Santosha Yoga Space, Paddington, the studio is intimate so places are limited. A deliciously light, gluten free and vegan afternoon tea included.


A luxurious restorative yoga offering, Reflective Journalling, an energy shifting mindful movement practice and a nourishing organic afternoon tea.